vidya vikas school kothamangalam


Chairman – Justice John K Mathew

Governing Board

  1. Mr. Prasad P.Varghese                                   
  2. Mr.K.K.Cherian
  3. Mr.Mathew George                           
  4. Mr.C.J Rajan
  5. Mr.Binu A Palappillil                         
  6. Mr.E.M.Paulose
  7. Mr.K.V Geevarghese             
  8. Mr. Thomas George
  9. Mr.M.P.Shiju             
  10. Fr.Varghese Maikulangara
  11. Mr.K.C.Rajasekharan Nair


justice john methew - chairman of vidya vikas trust

Justice. John Mathew

"What is good Education? The usually accepted answer is this, good education is an education that makes a good human being, a good member of a family, a good member of a community, a good citizen of a country and a good citizen of the world. The three schools of humanity-home, school and community - all have a measure of responsibility towards providing every child with good education".