Co-Scholastic Subjects

vidya vikas school kothamangalam

1.  Co-curricular Activities

            Option for various forms of Arts/ Dance/ Music etc. are provided to the students to tune their respective skills.

2.  House Activities

            To develop their overall personality ie. leadership qualities, to develop the characters of friendship, tolerance and peaceful co-existence and creativity, the students are divided into 3 houses Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.

3. Club Activities

            Help to develop and continue to instill awareness of the society, environment and current affairs. For this the student can choose his/ her area of interest to enroll themselves as members of any of the following clubs.

1.         Nature Club

2.         Literary Club

3.         Science Club

4.         Quiz Club

5.        Photography club

6.        Social Service club

7.       Maths club

8.       VVS Band

4. Yoga

            Yoga and meditation classes to increase their concentration and will power are conducted for children from class IV onwards.

5. Arts & Craft

            Arts & Craft classes are there with regular classes. Memory drawing, Pencil drawing, Painting, Paper work, Clay modeling, Origami, Oil painting, Glass painting, are dealt in during this period.

6. Music

            All forms of music can uplift children with divine qualities Carnatic, Light music, Semi classical, Western music etc are taught.

7. Musical Instrument

            Students can choose any of the musical instruments from Mridangam/Guitar/Violin/Keyboard. Once an option is selected it cannot be changed during the academic year.

8. Physical Education

            Summer coaching for Football, Basket ball, and Atheletics are also given. And children have mass P.T. on all Wednesday other than their normal P.T. periods.

justice john methew - chairman of vidya vikas trust

Justice. John Mathew

"What is good Education? The usually accepted answer is this, good education is an education that makes a good human being, a good member of a family, a good member of a community, a good citizen of a country and a good citizen of the world. The three schools of humanity-home, school and community - all have a measure of responsibility towards providing every child with good education".